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For my shack I added my transceivers to my normal desk (situated in my living room), where I browse the internet, work from home and so on. In the center is my laptop, with two extra displays above (used for Log4OM2 and WSJT-X on the photo). On the right are my Icom IC-7300 and my Anytone At-D578UV, which I mounted on top of each other using their mounting brackets and some velcro. On the 7300 I use an Icom Sm30 desk microphone. Next to the transceivers is my switched power supply. On the left are my 3 Anytone AT-D878UV HT's, a Retevis RT43 HT and my DAPNET pager.

The setup is simple, but effective. Interresting note: the desk is over a 100 years old. I got it from my grandmother, who in turn got it from the doctor she used to work for. So antique and modern mix very well. :)