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I live in a house on the corner of a block of 5 in an urban environment. I mounted a mast on the side of my house, on top of which I mounted a Diamond X50N 2/70 antenna. The top is 5m above my roof and about 14m above street- and sealevel, the maximum allowed without a permit in the Netherlands. I use it mainly for regional and repeater QSO's, up to 60km away. 

For HF I added a second mast to my shed, with the top 6m above ground level and 4m above the roof of the shed. My Diamond WD330s T2FD antenna is running as a sloper from the bottom of my X50 to the top of the mast on my shed. The antenna is about 10m long. The middle is about 10m above ground level. This is about the only HF antenna I can use, since the distance between both mast is only 17m. My previously used ZS6BKW is longer and the same goes for most other multiband wire antennas. This left me with the T2FD as the only option, besides verticals (which are too long to use without a permit) or loop antennas.

The T2FD is a compromise antenna, with a resistor connecting the ends at the middle. The resistor consumes about 33% of the power I put into the antenna. But I can use it with the internal tuner of my IC-7300 from 80 to 6 meters (and with the Emergency Tuner setting also on 160m and 4m). With FT8 I had QSO's with Japan, Brazil, the USA, UAE and more. 

In the future I might add a Baby Loop for HF and/or a satellite dish for the QO-100 satellite.

Note: I highlighted the antennas in the picture so they are more visible. In the original photo you could barely see them, although they are visible with the human eye.