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Once a Scout, always a Scout. When I was young, I was a cubscout and boyscout, but left Scouting when I was 12yo-ish. In 2012 my son (then a boyscout) asked me if I wanted to be a scoutleader, since his current leaders were more into games than into Scouting techniques. So I became a Scout again. 😀

My Scouting resumé

Sometimes people ask me what I do in Scouting, the answer then takes some time.... 🤣 Below what I did/do in Scouting:

In the future I hope to be IST at the 2025 Rover Moot in Portugal and IST at the 2027 World Scout Jamboree in Poland. No better way to spend your summer vacation than camping with 1000+ other Scouts. 🥰

Jamboree on the Air

I am a scout and a HAM Radio operator, callsigns PC5E and WC5E. So I regularly am part of an international JOTA station, as you could read above. You can check out my PC5E HAM Radio site if you want to know all JOTA stations I participated in.


At Scouting Nederland we have an extensive set of qualifications, of which I hold:

  • qualified leader (beavers/cubs/scouts)
  • qualified teamleader (beavers/cubs/scouts)
  • camping qualification (scouts/explorers)
  • qualified development mentor
  • qualified instructor (level 1 trainer)
  • qualified Scouting Method specialist
  • qualified sailor level 3 (CWO 3, external qualification)
  • qualified First Aider, including AED and First Aid for children (external qualification by Orange Cross)
  • qualified HAM Radio operator Full (external qualification)
  • qualified Marcom A (maritime General Operator Certificate, external qualification)

Wood badge is not a qualification you get by doing all applicable trainings, but you receive wood badge after doing a personal Gilwell coaching course. Since I did a couple similar ones in my working life, I still did not do the Gilwell course. Hmmm.... 😏